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3rd Annual Safety Expo/Butterfly Release

June 7, 2015

Special thanks to Hannah Frank, a sophomore Photography major at St. John’s University for taking and sharing these beautiful pictures of our event with us! Want to check out more of her work? http://hannahfrankphotography.weebly.com/contact.html

IMG_8359 IMG_8358 IMG_8357 IMG_8355 IMG_8353 IMG_8352 IMG_8349 IMG_8348 IMG_8346 IMG_8345 IMG_8342 IMG_8340 IMG_8339 IMG_8336 IMG_8335 IMG_8334 IMG_8333 IMG_8332 IMG_8331 IMG_8330 IMG_8329 IMG_8326 IMG_8324 IMG_8323 IMG_8322 IMG_8321 IMG_8320 IMG_8319 IMG_8318 IMG_8315 IMG_8311 IMG_8309 IMG_8308 IMG_8307 IMG_8299 IMG_8298 IMG_8297 IMG_8295 IMG_8294 IMG_8291 IMG_8290 IMG_8289 IMG_8288 IMG_8287 IMG_8286 IMG_8283 IMG_8282 IMG_8281 IMG_8280 IMG_8279 IMG_8278 IMG_8277 IMG_8276 IMG_8275 IMG_8274 IMG_8271 IMG_8268 IMG_8267 IMG_8265 IMG_8261 IMG_8255 IMG_8251 IMG_8250 IMG_8247 IMG_8245 IMG_8243 IMG_8241 IMG_8240 IMG_8239 IMG_8236 IMG_8233 IMG_8231 IMG_8230 IMG_8227 IMG_8223 IMG_8222 IMG_8221 IMG_8220 IMG_8217 IMG_8216 IMG_8214 IMG_8210 IMG_8208 IMG_8203 IMG_8201 IMG_8196 IMG_8195 IMG_8193 IMG_8192 IMG_8191 IMG_8190 IMG_8189 IMG_8188 IMG_8187 IMG_8186 IMG_8185 IMG_8183 IMG_8181 IMG_8180 IMG_8179 IMG_8178 IMG_8176 IMG_8175 IMG_8174 IMG_8171 IMG_8170 IMG_8169 IMG_8168 IMG_8166 IMG_8165 IMG_8164 IMG_8161 IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_8157 IMG_8153 IMG_8151 IMG_8148 IMG_8147 IMG_8146 IMG_8144 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8139 IMG_8138 IMG_8135 IMG_8134 IMG_8132 IMG_8131 IMG_8130 IMG_8129 IMG_8128 IMG_8127 IMG_8125 IMG_8123 IMG_8120 IMG_8118 IMG_8116 IMG_8115 IMG_8112 IMG_8110 IMG_8107 IMG_8106 IMG_8105 IMG_8104 IMG_8102 IMG_8101 IMG_8099 IMG_8094 IMG_8092 IMG_8091 IMG_8088 IMG_8086 IMG_8084 IMG_8083 IMG_8078 IMG_8076 IMG_8075 IMG_8072 IMG_8071 IMG_8069 IMG_8068