Amaya's Story.

Safe and Sound with Amaya was started to help educate parents, grandparents and caregivers with sound ideas for better supervision and safe planning for a more secure environment. Prevention is key.

The Story of Amaya

Amaya Lynne Beaudreault was a smart, precocious two year old, who brought an immeasurable amount of love and joy to everyone. Friends and strangers alike couldn’t help but giggle at the statements she’d make and the things she’d do.

Her parents could not be more different. Her dad is quiet and reserved, an avid outdoorsman, who loves to hunt, fish, picnic and play outdoors. Her mom is a born performer who loves to sing and dance. She exudes confidence and happiness with her bubbly, outgoing personality. Amaya was all of her dad, and all of her mom, wrapped up into one amazing, joyful little bundle. She was calm and cuddly, and at the same time bounded with endless energy and curiosity.

On September 11th, 2012, Amaya was at home, relaxing with her mom after they finished dinner. Mom was doing dishes. Amaya wanted to watch a DVD, and after seeing her mom so many times put the DVD into the player on top of the television, she opened the drawer of the cabinet beneath the television to get a DVD.

She then stepped onto the drawer to insert the DVD. She was killed instantly as the cabinet and television toppled on top of her.

The loss of Amaya has been profound. Countless lives have been affected by the abrupt end to the short life of this little girl. The heartache is deep, and far reaching. We’ve all learned a lot since Amaya was taken from us. Had we been aware and watchful of the dangers and risks within her presumed safe home, we could have avoided this horrific tragedy.

We are determined to help educate and provide resources to everyone we can, everywhere, so that no other family faces the insurmountable loss that we now endure. Please help us. Talk about it. Look around. Something doesn’t look right at your friends’ house? Point it out. Help them fix it. Can’t afford a safety strap or a smoke detector? Reach out. We will make sure that you get your hands on what you need to protect your children. It only takes a few minutes. Spread the word.

Amaya's Memorial Wall

Amaya is not alone. Over 400 kids have been killed from preventable tipovers since 2000. These are some of them.