Our Mission

Safe and Sound with Amaya was started to help educate parents, grandparents and caregivers with sound ideas for better supervision and safe planning for a more secure environment. Prevention is key.

We're Here to Spread the Word on Child Safety.

Our mission is to get brochures with important child safety information into every pediatrician’s office, child advocate’s office, day care centers – basically, anywhere a parent or guardian can get their hands on this necessary, critical information.

We attend home improvement, family trade shows and health and safety expos across the country with our message and our mission. We speak to parent groups, health professionals, child care providers and anyone who is responsible for the well-being of a child and is willing to listen to our message.

And we don’t just provide information, we provide a solution! We distribute at no charge, anti-tip furniture straps to anyone interested in securing their furniture and keeping their children safe.

  • Free Safety Straps

    We provide free anti-tip furniture straps to any parent or family who wants to secure their surroundings, but may not have the resources to do so.

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  • Be Vigilant!

    We will not stop - EVER - until we have reached every single parent, guardian and caretaker with our message. What is our message? Be ever and always watchful and diligent with your children. Be overly cautious. Be obsessed with safety. Take one eye off of them to do something, but keep the other eye on them while you're doing it. Let's keep our kids Safe and Sound!

Your Donation Helps.

You Can Make a Difference

Tax deductible donations can be mailed to:

Safe and Sound with Amaya, Inc.
4775 Country Club Drive
Syracuse, NY 13215

Questions? Call: 315-748-1015

Board of Directors

Suzanne L. Gilmour

Chair of Education Department and Director of Graduate Education Programs, LeMoyne College

Ph.D. Educational Administration, Syracuse University

Jane S. Stopher

Retired, 2002, School Psychologist in the Central Square Central School District

Volunteer since 2004 with Onondaga CASA as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children placed in foster care in Onondaga County

Scott A. Deming

Amaya’s Grandfather

Founder and former CEO of Ryan Communications, Inc.

President and CEO of RCI and Scott Deming’s Extraordinary Success Programs

Former Board or Marketing Board Member for: United Way; Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation; Upstate Children’s Hospital; Salvation Army

Kriss M. Parzych

Senior Media Buyer, Aspen Dental
Works with Regional and National Advertisers, vendors and agencies, focusing on Brand Marketing through TV and other traditional medias, as well as Directional Marketing through on-line search and Directories.